Spring Time Weddings are very popular and such a delight with all the flowering shrubs and trees coming into full bloom.  Weddings in Spring Time are special because they share the promise of new beginnings with nature.  Just as the flower buds are opening up and baby birds are leaving their nests a couple having a Spring Time Wedding are looking also to this new beginning.

Spring Time Weddings offer promise of warmer weather.  Spring Time Weddings allow us to shed our winter clothes and get dressed in some new spring fashions to embrace the occasion.   Spring Time Weddings have the pick of the best weather as it is not too hot for a late morning or early afternoon wedding yet still warm enough for a late afternoon wedding and evening celebration.  Some of the most beautiful photos can be found of Spring Time Weddings.


This Spring, as usual, the garden at Sweetwater Cottage will be full of bloom.  The Wisteria cascading over the gateway to the cottage is a picture and was the perfect place for Susan and Dean to get married.  The choice to use the Wisteria as a focal point for photos after a ceremony under the large Fig Tree worked a treat .  The perfume from the blossoms and the carpet of mauve flowers underfoot are simply a sight to see.

As the trees at Sweetwater come into bloom, our bridal couples and their guests are delighted  that our garden is abounding with colourful birds of all kinds.  The Rainbow Lorikeet, the pink and grey Galahs, the Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo, Kookaburras and a variety of Doves all visit the garden daily and help to make these Spring Time Weddings just that much more special.

Spring Time Wedding dates book up early and already we are getting bookings for  the 2017 Spring Wedding season.

If you wish to have a Spring Wedding this year there a just a couple of date still available.