Small Weddings

Small weddings are a fantastic idea!

Small weddings are economical.

Small weddings are less stress.

Small weddings are easy to manage.

Small weddings are easy to cater for.

Small weddings are intimate.

Small weddings are easy to keep on budget.

Small weddings are easy to accommodate.

We decided to have a small wedding with mostly immediate family invited.

The total guest list was 35 including the bridal party.

We found that the most economical deal we could find was at Sweetwater.

After a 5 year engagement it seemed time to get married. However, we were reluctant to spend thousands of dollars just to make it all legal.

A small wedding was just the answer.

The catering was a breeze.

Platters were served to each table for guests to share and our small wedding was everything we could have wished for.

We employed 3 waitresses  –  one was a coordinator and the other two waited tables.  This proved highly successful and very professional.

We would recommend a small wedding to anyone.

Peter and Bec


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