A Bride’s Diary

A Bride’s Diary……8  Weeks to the wedding!

We had a very exciting visit to the caterer.    It was simply fantastic getting to taste all these little samples of meat and vegetables.   I am just so  happy with our chosen caterer Fabulous Catering…………..and that is what they are just fabulous.  I now have nothing to worry about and feel sure everyone will be happy with their meal that we have chosen for them.

And……………. I am simply exhausted!!

The new job has me leaving home by 7am and not returning until around 7pm if I am lucky. It’s definitely not my dream job but I have decided to stick it out at least until the wedding.

So back to my bride’s diary…………………

The flower girl dresses have arrived this week. These were ordered on line and I was expecting them to be a pretty ballet pink. At first I was shocked, as you know how it is when you have a picture in your mind and then when the parcel arrives it does not match that picture? And it definitely was not the colour that was displayed on my laptop when I did the ordering. Disappointment!!!!!!!   It is a sort of dusty dirty pink and quite pale. The style however is perfect and although I have not fitted them on the girls yet I feel sure they are going to fit.   Since showing and discussing them with a friend who has recently returned from Europe and she said that this is a new fashion colour over there that is called antique rose, I am feeling a little better about them. Still need to show them to the others before I am convinced that we will not be changing them … ………   keep you posted.

The birth certificates and other documents that we have been waiting on have arrived.

First meeting this weekend with the celebrant to plan the ceremony and complete the paperwork. That makes me a little nervous for some reason so let’s hope it all goes well.

Our new house mate has moved into the granny flat so that will ease the budget a little. We are very lucky to have found someone who fits into our world fairly neatly.

Still have not got back to organize the wedding cake.   Still do not have a bridal veil and still have not sorted the bouquets.

Who ever said that this would be easy and I was starting far too early?




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