Budget Wedding Idea No.1



Make a list of what you want

  • A beautiful location
  • Something unique and different
  • Somewhere that you can have both the ceremony and the reception
  • A package that fits your budget
  • A place that includes accommodation

Consider your options

  • The Sunshine Coast Hinterland is one of the most popular places in Australia to get married.
  • Sweetwater Cottage is beautiful, unique, different and affordable.  
  • At Sweetwater you can hold both the ceremony and the reception. You can also have accommodation if you wish to book a 2/3 day package.
  • It is affordable because you can choose from a half day booking, a full day booking, a two night mid-week booking or a weekend package.

There are plenty of choices

  • A D.I.Y. wedding package will allow you to decide how much you spend on your catering, your decorations and anything else you wish to include or leave out.
  • A one day booking usually includes the cost of your celebrant and even some light refreshments depending on which package you choose.
  • A one day booking sometimes includes the setting up of the ceremony location and you only need to set up for the reception.
  • A one day booking is definitely the most cost effective.
  • With negotiation it may be possible to add one night’s accommodation.

At Sweetwater there are so many options. You only need to state all your needs and wants and the proprietors will come up with a surprisingly affordable tailor made package to fulfil your dreams.

DIY weddings are definitely the cheapest. As value for money, Sweetwater is second to none. Considering that you can hold your ceremony and your reception at the one place and then have accommodation as well just makes it one of the cheapest options you will find anywhere.

Sweetwater offers several budget wedding ideas for your special day.   Apart from the popular weekend package, the mid-week package is a great budget wedding idea. Not only is it cheaper, but often you will have fewer guests to invite.

There is also a one day option. This can be achieved in several ways.

You can hire the property from 10am until 10pm any day of the week. The price is slightly more at weekends.

You can simply hire the property for 2 hours for ceremony and photos only;     4 hours for ceremony and photos and a couple of hours of refreshments; or for 6 hours for ceremony, photos and full reception but this is restricted to daylight hours between 9am and 5pm.

Don’t take my word for this budget idea…………….search the internet.

If you are planning just the one day event you may find several options that come in within budget but for a weekend event it will be difficult to beat Sweetwater on price and options.


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