Budget Wedding Idea No 2

Wedding Budget Idea No.2 – requires you to think about how long do you want your wedding celebrations to last.
Options are
• Ceremony only and a few photos – approximately 2 hours
• Ceremony, photos, a glass of champagne, savouries – 4 hours
• Ceremony, photos and a light buffet luncheon or similar – 6 hours
• Ceremony and full reception etc. – 10am – 10pm
• 2/3 day weekday booking
• 2/3 day weekend wedding festival

The best budget wedding way to get married of course, is at the Registry Office at the Department of Births, Deaths & Marriages in George Street, Brisbane.
If you want something a bit more personal you can go with a ceremony only and a few drinks to toast the bride and groom. This can be done for as little at $850 all inclusive.
Often mid-week is cheaper than Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

Also a budget wedding can be to extend this to a light luncheon in a four hour event for $1000. This will give you the ceremony and the hire of the venue however, you then need to pay for the food.

Still a budget wedding you can extend to a 6 hour event or a full day from 10am – 10pm at a little extra cost.
Weekend weddings naturally cost more due to the fact that accommodation is added into the price.

Traditionally in Australia, weddings only lasted one day.
• the morning was for getting ready;
• the afternoon was for the ceremony and
• the evening was for the celebrations and
• then the couple went off on the honeymoon.

The trend seems to start with family dinners the night before, then the wedding day and follow up with a recovery breakfast or brunch the next day. Hence, the popularity of places like Sweetwater where you can hold all these events without travelling from place to place.
The advantage of this will also be a saving as it is the one fee and then it is only the expense of the food.
Remember that the ceremony is really the most important part!! You have the rest of your lives to celebrate the joining together of your two lives. So, if you are on a limited budget you should not feel obliged to hold all these functions to be part of a growing trend.
City weddings where you attend a church service, followed by a reception venue will only last the one day.
It is the trend to hold country garden weddings that has given rise to the wedding festival that continues for three days. The fact that guests have travelled a distance to attend the wedding also contributes to the three day event idea.


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