Wedding Specials!

Wedding Specials are currently being offered for February and December 2018!
ALSO December 2017.
Weekend and mid week weddings are attracting these wedding specials prices.

Read what we have to offer.
Email or phone with what you want.
Make an appointment to visit the property.
Tell us your budget.
We are sure we can come up with the best wedding special price you will get.

With 6 months to go there is still time to plan the wedding of your dreams at Sweetwater.

Wedding Specials are traditionally offered in February and December as often people don’t think of marrying at this time of year.
Weddings are most popular in Spring and Autumn but why not think about a wedding special in February or December and save money.
Wedding specials in February attract a 20% discount from the regular fee.

Mid week weddings also attract a discounted price.

Weddings in February offer different options due to the warm weather at this time of year.
We have had ……………..
* Champagne Breakfasts followed by a marriage ceremony
* Weddings held at the waterfall
* Late afternoon cocktail weddings
* Picnic wedding held near the hut with the ceremony beside the creek

It is not too late to hold your wedding in December 2017. The weekend of 9th/10th December is still available.

When thinking of budget wedding options the date as well as the location can save a whole lot of money for you.

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