Micro Wedding #2

Micro weddings are becoming the wedding of choice for many reasons.
Weddings that have become a grand production causing lots of stress and costing huge sums of money are becoming less popular. People are looking to streamline the wedding event.
Micro Weddings take the pain out of deciding on who to leave out and who to invite when the guest list has reached 100 plus. Do you really need to pay $150 per person to invite the partner of a work friend? Do you really need to pay out to invite your cousin that you haven’t seen for 15 years?
A micro wedding allows you to invite only the people you really want to attend. They are the ones that really matter in your life.
Micro weddings allow the immediate family and very close friends to celebrate without having to socialise with a whole lot of people that they only meet on the wedding day and often do not see into the future.
A micro wedding is all about YOU the bridal couple. What are the important parts of the wedding day? Without the marriage ceremony there is no marriage and therefore no wedding day.
With a micro wedding the ceremony becomes the focus of the day. The ceremony should tell your love story, be relaxed and inclusive and be held somewhere very special. In a beautiful garden, on top of a mountain, by a waterfall or beside a creek.
It is YOUR DAY make it special for all the right reasons.


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