My Micro Wedding

Recently we had at a beautiful micro wedding at Sweetwater. We had a magnificent day with perfect weather after the most exciting eight weeks that I can ever remember!

One Friday night while we were having dinner at a local restaurant Darren said – “ let’s get married! It feels like the right time!”

Well I had been waiting for this for a long time so was very keen about the idea. On the Saturday morning we went shopping for an engagement ring and so over the weekend I started looking up places to get married.

I came across a lot of places that offered no frills weddings, elopements, pash and dash was another and then I came across Sweetwater Cottage and read about their micro weddings.
On Monday I had some free time at work, so I phoned Pamela and asked her about what was on offer. The price was so reasonable I knew we could afford to do this now.

A discussion on Monday night with Darren and on Tuesday I booked a date for 8 weeks away. Pamela informed me that we needed to get the Notice of Intention to Marry form completed one month before the wedding date, so we made an appointment to meet her the next weekend.

She was so lovely and explained everything that we needed to know and showed us around and because of all the wet weather we had been having also showed us the wet weather option which would have been just as lovely as the outside.
Pamela made another appointment to go over the ceremony that she wrote for us and it was just beautiful. It was so us!! You would think she had known us for years. She is very thoughtful, a clever writer and the best choice we could have made for a celebrant.

On the day of the wedding, the hospitality she and Dal showed us was amazing.

All the chairs were set out with white covers and silver sashes and looked beautiful. Little pots of flowers were placed around the place and of course the view in the background was unbelievable.

The weather was perfect, the ceremony was beautiful and at the end Dal poured everyone a glass of champagne for toasting.

We could not have asked for anything better. All 12 of us then went into Maleny to a restaurant for lunch. The people at the restaurant were most obliging and all the other people having lunch toasted us and it was so much fun and all just so easy to plan and make happen.
All this happened at Sweetwater for just $700!!!!!!!!!
Highly Recommend that you do this!!!


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