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With everyone’s eyes on the Royal Wedding this weekend we are looking at what wedding traditions the Royal couple will change.
The traditions here in Australia have undergone many changes in recent years but this International Wedding could change things forever.

Blended families have changed the way receptions are held.

Women’s rights have seen mothers walk the bride down the aisle.

Sometimes both mother and father will escort the bride to be married.

The bridal veil is something that is not seen a lot of especially in garden wedding and more casual events.

The bouquet is still popular but has taken on many different forms. Some have gone back to olden times and have a simple collection of flowers tied with a ribbon and there are the artificial flowers and even bejewelled arrangements.

Second and third marriages see children of the bride and groom being part of the ceremony and the bridal party.

Same sex marriage is the most recent and most significant change to marriage. These weddings of course have all the same trimmings and are equally as beautiful.
It would seem today that everyone creates their own special tradition with no restrictions on what they can and can’t do as society seems to accept most things.
I have recently been speaking about micro weddings but when I have looked into history they are not new. Whilst New Yorkers are currently embracing the idea of a micro wedding during the war years many micro weddings were held as couples married quickly and quietly prior to enlisted men travelling overseas. The reasons are not the same these days but the fact that the marriage ceremony is the most important part of the wedding celebration and that family will always be with you makes it all seem like sense.


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