How Long Does It Take To Plan A Wedding?

How long does it take to plan a wedding?

How long does it really take to plan a wedding? I guess this often depends on what type of wedding you are planning. As times have changed and most couples who come to the marriage ceremony have already been living together for some time it seems a completely different situation to times when the wedding night was the first time that a couple spent together.
With this in mind, I pose the question why have weddings become such enormous events? What are people celebrating? Is it that this couple have finally decided to make it all legal? Is it because the family wish to have a large lavish party? Is it because they are competing with friends? Or is it simply to put wedding photos on social media?

I am pleased to hear that a number of couples are starting to choose smaller more intimate events with just close family and friends, thus keeping the numbers small. The small weddings I have attended as a guest are so friendly and very special. Everyone gets to know and talk with each other. You are not sharing an occasion and a meal with a lot of complete strangers.

How long does it take to organise a party? Although this wedding day is very special to the couple it is really just a large gathering. Couples who plan the wedding for 12, 18 or more months seem to lose the magic. They spend so much time and money planning and buying for this event that they loose sight of the real reason for the celebration.
The couple who decide to marry; then get engaged and announce their intentions to family and friends; then plan the wedding and it all happens in a matter of months still have the magic. Those are the weddings I like to attend as you can still feel the magic!
By Mary Smythe


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