My Wedding Day No 1

At the age of 59 and after being a widower for almost 10 years I went on a cruise and met the lady I now plan to spend the rest of my life with.
The cruise sailed out of Sydney, I had travelled from Brisbane with a mate to meet the ship and my lady had travelled from Melbourne to meet the same ship.
It was a whirlwind romance that happened on this 14 day cruise. It then continued via email and phone and after several weeks of this I flew to Melbourne one weekend and proposed. I figured that I was too old to court this beautiful lady who I instantly knew was the one for me for months or even years and the distance made it impossible.
She said yes!! I was over the moon!! However, she asked that we should have a trial living together for a while before we rushed into marriage.
She gave notice at her work and moved to Brisbane to spend time getting to know me better. After 6 months of romantic bliss I asked her again to marry me.
The wedding was planned for November. We chose to have a midday ceremony and follow that with a lunch. We were not interested in late, loud parties and thought that would also suit out guests.
We booked Sweetwater Cottage from Friday until Sunday and planned a DIY event that was inexpensive. Gail flew to Melbourne for a weekend to buy a dress for the occasion and I kept joking that I was going to wear thongs and a Hawaiian shirt to remind us of the cruise.
Well the joke was on me. I had nice new trousers, shirt and shoes, and a few hours before the wedding I broke my big toe while moving a large esky full of drinks. And in fact, did wear thongs to the wedding! That was all I could get on the very large and very sore toe!
The ceremony was perfect, Pamela was amazing including providing the ice pack for my foot. She is quite intuitive and wrote the ceremony like she had known us all our lives.
The reception was a cold buffet lunch and then plenty of time to chat with our 24 guests who were mostly family and a few close friends. We stayed upstairs in the bridal suite and left for home on Sunday. The honeymoon was another cruise this time to Vanuatu sailing from Brisbane. Brian


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