Intimate Weddings

Planning a Small Intimate Wedding that fits your budget and style.
Couples are embracing the shift to an overall trend towards minimalism and simplicity, and that goes for weddings too.
Planning a traditional wedding takes a great deal of time and energy.
Decision fatigue is real; a tiny wedding helps to alleviate some of that.

Microweddings afford a lot more flexibility are more intimate and they’re easier on the budget.
Not everyone might be thrilled you’re having an intimate wedding.
Approaching the subject with confidence is key.

Every couple’s must-haves are different, but for a smaller wedding with a teensy budget, you should narrow down the essentials.

Because Anna had a sweet tooth, her only must-have for her wedding was a custom cake from her favourite bakery. Mike’s only requirement was having a nonreligious ceremony.
For other couples, their must-have can be a particular location or a special date that holds sentimental value.

Receptions for microweddings can be tailored to reflect the interests and needs of the couple.
Some of our couples will have multiple parties. One couple held their second celebration at Sweetwater with the groom’s family after the first wedding was in Melbourne with friends and work colleagues. They are planning a third celebration with the bride’s family in Mexico later in the year.

“We decided to have a small wedding because we realized how expensive weddings are and it wasn’t an expense we thought we wanted to spend,” said Jane and Hank.
However, microweddings aren’t necessarily about being understated or thrifty. Sometimes, couples go all out for a smaller number of guests. Some couples like to take advantage of the money saved to create a wedding weekend for their guests.
A second wedding for Grant and Cath saw them invite 10 of their friends to spend the weekend with them at Sweetwater. They arrived on Friday evening, had a Saturday ceremony and then spent the remainder of the weekend enjoying the company of those special friends departing late on Sunday.


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