Wedding Trends

Weddings have evolved and changed so much over the years and these days weddings are significantly different to ones 30 years ago.

Common Wedding Trends:
– Rustic, wooden, sleek look
This seems to be aesthetically pleasing to many eyes.
The rustic wedding has almost become the traditional wedding theme of modern-day couples.
Rustic settings such as older buildings, farms and cellar doors really play with this theme and give it a more relaxed charm.
– Garden and nature wedding
This can be an easy theme to do at Sweetwater as the whole property is full of natural beauty, for example, the stunning waterfall and picturesque views you experience here at Sweetwater.
DIY weddings here provide you with the opportunity to create your own theme and vibe. The gorgeous settings go with pretty much every theme and compliments them well. A touch of natural beauty in a modern wedding is always refreshing.


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