Non-Traditional Weddings

Non-traditional weddings are on the rise. Everyone has become eco friendly and in a way the non-traditional wedding resembles a wedding of the 50’s and 60’s where everyone’s wedding was more basic.

Even the wedding dress has changed for many. A number of brides are opting to choose a dress that can be worn again or a gown that is colourful or floral.

Plants in pots are replacing huge displays of artificial flowers, the gold and silver theme in table napkins and serviettes are being replaced by more colourful linen and stationery. The colourful fabric table runners and serviettes made in cotton, allows for the linen to have a second life in someone’s home.

Thoughtful details rather than over-the-top extravagance are the key for 2020 weddings. 

Simple tables with one statement piece in the room or over the dance floor is also becoming popular. 

Fewer formalities allow the eco conscious to reduce their carbon footprint by sending digital invitations and working towards zero waste.

Refreshments have become self-serve. This can mean that guests can help themselves to drinks from large ice containers which are placed decoratively around the room; glass containers with convenient taps; and the good old- fashioned punch bowl with a ladle. Water stations are also popular both at the ceremony and the reception.

The reception setting has also changed from the traditional sit down dinner to grazing stations; finger food and cocktail parties.

So make your wedding celebrations special, different and unique just like you!






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